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Our track and field program is designed towards helping young athletes develop their skills to the professional level. Our hands on approach mixed with our scientific training program is the  reason we're confident that every athlete who is consistent in our program is guaranteed results. Speed Academy Coaches has a burning desire for the sport of track and field and we're committed to work with our athletes to give everyone their best shot at the Nationals and Junior Olympics. Looking for a team that's dedicated to see you win? Then look no further and lets get you started today.


Registration Fees:

The cost to enroll on the team is distributed into various expenses to run and operate the club successfully:

For example:

* The club is responsible for carrying insurance for each athlete during practice and at track meets.

* Assists in covering AAU and USATF club membership, club website and club management.

*Aids in facilitating 6 months of training and equipment for athletes.

*Registration fees are non refundable


2019 Junior Olympics Qualifiers

This year 9 of our athletes traveled to Winston Salem, NC 

to compete in the AAU Junior Olympic Games

2022 Junior Olympics Qualifiers

This year 9 of our athletes traveled to Sacramento, CA

to compete in the USATF Junior Olympics

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2023 Junior Olympics Qualifiers



August 8th - October 5th
Tuesday's and Thursday's 
Ages 12yo - 18yo

6:00pm - 7:00pm
(Complete Registration for Location)

Accelerate your progression into the 2024 track season by building a base, while most athletes take this time off to rest. Our strength camp is designed to help athletes gain a competitive advantage for next season by building a stronger base of strength. Strength training for track and field athletes is essential for injury prevention, power and strength. Spots for this camp will be extremly limited. Link will expire once camp is full. 



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